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1. What is Napsody?
Napsody is a free online alarm clock that plays YouTube videos.

2. Why is it called Napsody?
The default alarm video is Bohemian Rhapsody by the English rock band Queen (get it? Bohemian NAPsody?). Ok maybe not that clever, but at least you can change the alarm to whatever YouTube video you like.

3. How do I change the alarm song/video?
Go to YouTube
- Find any video and copy the web link (e.g.
- Go to and paste the link (text box below "SET ALARM")

4. Why is Bohemian Rhapsody the default alarm video?
Personally, I think it's the best alarm clock song. This is because it doesn't rip you right out of sleep with a jolt, but with a gradual crescendo. It's great waking up just in time for Brian May's guitar solo.

5. Will Napsody work on my cell phone?

Yes, HOWEVER: You must click PLAY on the video before hitting SET ALARM. Mobile phones will block YouTube's autoplay feature by default, unless you first click on the YouTube video itself. Also, you should leave your mobile plugged in/charging, with the screen timeout disabled. 

6. My YouTube video doesn't play? What gives?
YouTube blocks embedding of certain videos depending on licensing issues. Check that the video plays before setting the alarm. Also, see above for special considerations when using a mobile browser.

7. Is Napsody available as a mobile app (App Store, Google Play, etc)?

Not yet, however it already works as a web app. You can even pin it to your home screen through your moible browser and use it like a regular app. I may release a downloadable app in the future.

8. Will this online alarm work if my computer is in standby?
No web-based software can work if the computer is asleep or in standby. However, you can easily disable standby mode on your computer / laptop:
Control Panel > Power Settings: set it to "always on" & it will never enter standby mode.

More Questions?
Please share Napsody with others! If you encounter any bugs, or have ideas for new features, please email me: michael [at]

Happy napping,
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